So many may not know that I am nurse when not at home or at the store. People hear the word burnout when it cones to healthcare professionals, teachers, even the whole political situation, but many don’t think of spiritual burnout especially in the Pagan community.  We love our beliefs and have fought to get here so had that many feel guilty when they experience this.  There are so many things that are pulling us in every which way.  I’ll be honest I have been fighting both work and spirtual burnout so bad along with a bad depression for months.  It is so hard when you love something so much, but it just feels like too much work, just more work.  So, how can we work our way back from burnout.  Here are some ways I am trying to make my way back…

























Focus on self care:  Learn to say no.  That it is ok to say know to leading that ritual.  Many of us feel like if we don’t do it nobody will, but we are talking about saying no to a couple of times versus total withdrawl.



Go back to basics:  Paganism or spirtuality doesn’t have to be complicated.  Practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, sex magick ( kind of helps with the self care too.) Spirtuality and Paganism doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be just a walk in the woods or dipping your feet in a moving stream.


Let go of the notion of being “A real witch”:  Many of us hear and even believe, we have to xyz to be “A real witch”.  Yes rituals are nice and powerful, but not everything has to be a big elaborate ritual   Sometimes life, work, kids being sick, etc just gets in the way of Esbays or Sabbats.  It helps to acknowledge your disappointment and figure out a small way to honor the esbat or Sabbat while cutting yourself some slack.


Find something new and exciting to try.  So this could be revitalizing your altar, trying a new circle, drumning circle, belly dancing, trying a new divination tool, or a new magickal technique.  Revitalize your practice, get out there and meet new people. Try new things.



My biggest advice is to no matter what if it isn’t working stop doing it.  Don’t keep doing the same thing, getting further and further burned out.


Brightest Blessings



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