Color Magick

Color Magick

Colorful Pentacle

Colors makes the world beautiful.  Could you imagine a world void of colors?   Think about how certain colors make you feel.  Colors resonate with us at a vibrational level. Think about the clothes you wear.  Is there a certain color that draws you?  Think about the colors you have in your house, work…. How do they make you feel?   Are there ways to bring more or different colors into this space?

There are many ways to incorporate color magick into both your everyday and into your magick, ritual, and spell work. For most people the first thing that comes to mind when they think of color and magickal work are candles.  The magick of color is so much more though.  If your missing something in your life you could try adding more of the corresponding color into your wardrobe or carry stones or other totems of that color.

Most think of candles and candle colors when they think of color magick, but color magick doesn’t just stop there.  There is much more.  You can use color magick in your ritual robes, ornamentation, elemental representations, altar cloths, crafts, jewelry, totems, even incense and oils such as colored nag champa.   There are so many ways to integrate color into your magickal practice and every day to improve mood, energy, and general well-being.  You can use it in almost anything.  Think about new and exciting ways to bring more color into your life and magick.

Color Wheel


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