Faith as a Pagan 

Faith isn’t just believing in something without proof or substance.  The second definition by Webster’s dictionary for faith is an allegiance to duty or a person; loyalty; fidelity to one’s promises.”  Patheos so eloquently said “Pagans – and pretty much everyone other than orthodox Christians – faith isn’t about having faith, it’s about being faithful”

There some in the Pagan community dislike the word faith.  Many of us were previously Christian and had been told to just have faith.  Sometimes as a Pagan it is quite difficult to just have faith. As a very action based religion, but there are times we just need to let go and let the future unfold.

I personally find it quite difficult to let go and just let things happen.  Even after I have done everything in my witchy powers to try and both predict, ask for guidance, and direct the road.  As pagans or witches we have many tools at our disposal to help us on our path, but one thing many of us including myself have great difficulty with is stepping back and letting the spell, ritual, or prayer work.

Just having faith is something our Christian. Jewish, Islam friends do much better they are taught to just have faith that God will hear and answer their prayers or it just wasn’t meant to be.  For us Pagans we do extensive rituals, spells, divination, and even in our prayers we address what we are going to do to bring them to fruition whether orally or symbolically. Once done many of us then have trouble having faith and letting go and letting the gods, goddess, universe take over.

Having faith is something I am trying really hard to do.  Many witches believe you cast a spell and then forget about it You write it in BOS or spell journal and then don’t talk about it and try not to think about it until desired outcome has happened. As a witch this has always been so difficult for me.  I am someone who analysis and then re-analysis everything.  Here’s to just having faith in our spell work.

How do you keep faith as a witch?

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