Paganism and Thanksgiving Secular Holidays Part 2

Paganism and Thanksgiving Secular Holidays Part 2

Thou shalt not tell a lie or something like that right.  Well, I am not going to lie I am having a real hard time with Thanksgiving this year.  Even more than usual.  Number one Thanksgiving is always tough for me due to losing my mom the day after Thanksgiving, it doesn’t matter was 16 years ago, I miss my mommy.  This year though it is much worse I am watching my country and our civilization return to yesteryear.  We have Native Americans  fighting peacefully, not only to keep their own land but to save our precious resources.  In return they have been beaten, dogs sickened on them, shot, and forced off their own land.  Sound familiar read up on the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving it isn’t pretty or sentimental as school or society would lead us to believe.  See part 1 for more information on the true history.  I am finding it quite difficult to be thankful watching my country literally implode on itself.  How can we be thankful when so many that I love and respect are in danger? How can we be thankfully when there is so much hate, racism, bigotry, sexism, etc?  Honestly I can’t say Happy Thanksgiving right now without cringing a little inside.  It almost feels like a huge middle finger to everybody fighting for their rights right now.  So here are some ways we can acknowledge or celebrate Thanksgiving if we choose to.

Pagan Roots

Ways to Acknowledge or Celebrate Thanksgiving

I bet many of you are like me and have family who would be devastated if we didn’t show up for dinner, or older generations who just wouldn’t understand why we don’t want to enjoy turkey and pie.   There is also the fact that in this busy world holidays are the only time we have to spend with family.  But, there are ways to acknowledged, be conscious, and even celebrate if you choose to.

  • Share the true stories of Thanksgiving with our children if we know history we are less likely to repeat it.
  • Light a candle acknowledging the sacrifice of Native Americans both past and present.
  • Have a donation collection on table such a s UUSC Guest at Your Table or raise money for another community service agency who supports equality.
  • Do a ritual for peace and healing.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving as it original form a late autumn harvest celebration.
  • Show gratitude.  Make a list for what you are grateful for.  It is sometimes easier to focus on what’s wrong instead of whats right.
  • Look at it as a time for families to spend time together.
  • Find some quiet time to meditate and thank Native American ancestors for their sacrifice and continue sacrifice without it many of would not be here.  Ask for forgiveness for our ancestors.
  • Volunteer!!! Volunteering can even make a great family activity.  There are so many ways to give. Such as a soup kitchen, social action groups, etc.
  • Be an ally!!!!

OK to end on the lighter side because honestly I need to.  Wow this holiday really is a cornucopia of emotions for me.


There is a part of me who wishes this was real lol…..

Think of how the turkeys must feel…..

Change Indian’s to Native Americans but you get the gist lol….


Blessings to you…..

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