Tarot cards versus Oracle Cards

Tarot cards versus Oracle Cards

We had an amazing time at Southern NH Pagan Pride Day.  It was our first time as a vendor and it was absolutely amazing meeting and talking to many amazing Pagans.  A couple times we would get the question what is the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards.  They both are used to open the door to the subconscious in the goal of awakening intuition.   Both can be used in divination, visualization, meditation, and spell work. I am personally more drawn to Tarot Cards, but you have to figure out what you are drawn to.

Tarot decks are very structured.  There are 78 cards 22 major arcana and minor arcana that include 4 suits representing the elements such as pentacles, wands, swords, and cups. The major arcqna represent major events.  Within the minor arcana are numbered cards, an ace or beginning type card, and then you have your people cards such as page, knight, queen, king.  Choosing a tarot deck is basically finding one that the art speaks to you and draws you in.  There are many different tarot decks and meanings maybe slightly different depending on the reader and the artist, but there is usually a basic structure such as ace of pentacles usually means new beginnings in business, prosperity, money adventures.  Then it is up to you as the reader to use your intuition to interpret how that correlates with the question.  There are many ways to learn tarot cards; making your own deck, getting a book and deck set, or letting your intuition take over.  I personally believe in more an intuitive reading and learning style do a reading and then write down your interpretation then break out the book write down the books interpretation, then compare and contrast.

Oracle cards are much less structured and usually contain less cards.  For some they maybe easier to learn because of the less structured nature and less meanings to memorize.  Oracle cards encourage more intuitive readings.  Oracle cards come in all shapes, sizes, art, you name it.  They come in various themed decks based on mythical creatures, dieties, spiritual totems, etc and encourage you to call on guidence from these.  They are used as a divination tool to open up your subconscious and tune into your intuition



  • What speaks to you?
  • What calls you?
  • Do you crave structure?
  • How does the deck feels to you in your hands?
  • Does the art call to you?

Honestly I am more of a tarot person, my reading style is more of an intuitive style.  Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, and other divination tools are not limited to just divination.  They can be used for visualization, meditation, and spell work.

My advice don’t limit yourself use what speaks to you.

Check out our Divination section see what peeks your interest.

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