Why buy from a Pagan or Witch Owned Store

Why buy from a Pagan or Witch Owned Store

You maybe asking yourself why should I buy from you or any other store….  Well first off because we are awesome just kidding.  (Well we are but that a different reason lol).  So, there are many reason to buy small and support local, (flute and cello lessons for Rubbywolf and PrincesSpitfire now wants to play the violin and dance and swimming, goddess help me), but we are going to talk about what you as a customer get when you shop with a witch owned store.  First we are practicing Pagans, who are active in the community.   So, if you have a question we can answer it and if we can’t (because contrary to popular believe my walking encyclopedia brain does not know everything lol) we have resources to help you find the answer.  A majority of our products are from Pagan wholesalers and artists who are also active in the community.  When you buy from a seller on Ebay or Amazon it is just a sale, but when you buy from us we want you to be part of our community.  We want you to feel comfortable just dropping in or even sending us a message with your questions or concerns. If there is something you’re  looking for we will try to find it for you.   The other reason is yes we carry the mainstream metaphysical, Pagan, new age, Wiccan, witchy products, but we also support and promote handmade, fair trade, and various artists.  We are always trying to find deals from wholesalers and distributors, so we can pass on the savings to you and is why we started at The Salem Flea Market.  We hear often that people are so happy we are here so they can look and touch, get a feeling for the item.


One of the reasons we offer a generous  return policy and free site to store is so you can test it out.  The problem is many of our community stores are closing down, because it is hard to compete when wholesalers and others are mass selling on Ebay and Amazon.  What many don’t understand and honestly I didn’t before opening our own store is the additional costs that go into running a community store.  This is partly why items may cost more say in Boston or Salem, MA, or a mall store because of overhead costs. Talk about eyes opened wow…

Now I am not saying don’t order from Amazon or Ebay even we have a store on Ebay and hope to get one running on Amazon soon.  And I sure as hell don’t think that people aren’t a “good Pagan, witch, Wiccan” if they don’t shop their local or even Pagan owned online stores.  It used to drive me crazy when I used to read some of that in message boards back in the day.  They weren’t in my wallet or paying my bills how dare they.    Let me tell you I have many times used items from Dollar Tree.  A witch gots to do, what a witch gots to do, and when your broke Dollar Tree has candles lol.  And if you need help witching on a budget message us, we can try to help.  But if you can shop Pagan owned it does help support a community, a family, and a resource.  The problem is we, and even I am guilty of this complain when there are no stores near by or when our favorite one is closing. But we need to think if we want this resource and community what can we do to help to keep it.  It doesn’t just mean buying from it either so don’t feel bad if you can’t at that moment.  It can mean reviewing it, promoting it, even just telling your friends about it.  Word of mouth is huge.


Our dream here at The Dragon’s Keep is to one day open a brick and mortar store, where we can host craft nights, have you come in have a cup of tea and chat about what your witchy needs and wants are, or just about everyday stuff.  We want to have readers and practitioners, a community board.   We want to be a witchy community and home base for you.  We want you to know that every dime spent at our store brings us closer and closer.  And we thank you for being a part of our growing community.   Please feel free to use us as a resource and join our  community and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


Brightest Blessings


Make sure to visit us every Saturday and Sunday at the Salem Flea Market in Salem, NH 9am to 430pm and online at The Dragon’s Keep.  We can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.

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